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  • Now available for DAZA and DNWA with worldwide support for models from 2017-2020! (including RSQ3)

    8V0907404A, 8V0907404E, 8V0907404G, 8V0907404J RS3

    8S0907404A, 8S0907404E, 8S0907404G, 8S0907404J TTRS

    Versions are automatically upgraded to the latest version within each (eg 8V0907404__0001 will go to 8V0907404__0005) and return to stock keeps the upgrade.

    Dynospectrum took three years and 10000 hours of development to bring their first product to market, building on experience since the turn of the century in ECU tuning, reverse engineering and custom feature development for other companies including their own. They enjoy bringing smoothness, quality, innovation and standalone type features to factory ECUs and are excited to be a part of DAZA

    The DAZA DS1 product comes after the roaring success of our 4.0T product. We have incorporated all the same features except we do not have OTS maps beyond stage 2. So we have things like real flex fuel with a sensor, displays of things like ethanol content, full range boost, knock and fuel pressures on the virtual cockpit power and torque gauges, 10 way map switching with custom feature of rolling anti lag using ignition retard, the fastest datalogging of any OEM ECU with huge numbers of useful items you cannot even see on other loggers. Adjustable launch control, knock display, gauges in the browser. Flashing in 30 seconds to change map, full flashes 3-4 minutes. All wirelessly and safely so that you can even turn off the phone, tablet or computer you started the flash with and it will still complete. You can even tune the entire ECU whilst the engine is running and even have your tuner do it remotely. So instead of taking minutes to make a single change you can finally properly fine tune things whilst seeing the results immediately on a fast live graphing datalogger. We’ve moved away from canned and closed tunes and our OTS maps are open as examples for tuners new or old to adapt to the platform, or they can merge their existing strategies with ours and enhance their work greatly without needing a standalone ECU.

    •  Ultra fast vehicle reprogramming
    • Uses browser over WiFi
    • Works with multiple devices
    • High speed datalogging
    • Realtime tuning
    • E85 flex fuel
    • Includes all off the shelf maps

    Your Dynospectrum DS1 purchase includes staged maps that cover upgrades up to Stage 2. Anything beyond that and you will want to consult a Pro-Tuner.

    You can update from your phone or computer, or flash a custom map from one of our pro tuners, or even tune yourself!


    Included Maps

    Hardware Requirements:

    Stage 1 Calibrations are meant for cars that are totally stock minus a cat back exhaust.

    Stage 2 Calibrations are meant for cars that have a catted downpipes and intake and intake elbow.

    Flex Fuel sensor kit required for E85 Maps

    Stage 1 91 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 1 93 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 1 100 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 1 E85 Ethanol Map

    Stage 2 91 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 2 93 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 2 100 Octane (R/M)

    Stage 2 E85 Map


    Make Model Year
    Audi RS3 (8V FL) 2017 - 2022
    Audi RSQ3 2015 - 2020