RACINGLINE | R600 Cold Air Intake [Foam Filter] | MK7 GTI/R, A3/S3 8V

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Racingline R600 Cold Air Intake w/ Foam Filter (VW GOLF MK7, AUDI A3/S3 8V)

Functionally, a vastly-enlarged airbox houses a giant TriFoam triple-layer filter. Using twin front air intakes, from both sides of the front panel, this rates the intake up to 600bhp through the very significantly improved mass airflow through to the turbo. Appearance-wise, the airbox is manufactured in the UK from the same PU material as the original factory airbox, matched in to the same finish and appearance as the engine cover.

This attention to detail extends to all the fittings, which use the factory mounting methods ensuring simple and reliable fitment. All to assure you of the same levels of quality and durability as a factory part.

Standard filter area = 43,200mm

R600 filter area = 96,477 mm

Expect greater horsepower and torque above 4,500rpm with a more direct and responsive feel under throttle. As shown in the illustrative power and torque curves above (this particular test performed on a Golf 7R stage 1), it is the area under the curve’ difference from factory that you will really feel, as the engine is freed to breathe with less restriction as revs increase.

Make Model Year
Audi S3 (8V) 2013 - 2020
Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7) 2013 - 2017
Volkswagen Golf GTI (MK7.5) 2018 - 2020
Volkswagen Golf R (MK7) 2013 - 2017
Volkswagen Golf R (MK7.5) 2018 - 2020